2007 Forester XT

     Purchased completely stock and previously owned, more than likely, by an elderly couple who took pretty good care of the vehicle, in 2014. Jt jumped right into purchasing a Cob accessport for the vehicle and began making adjustments, with that, along came a bigger turbo(vf48), and the usual supporting mods,and one of the largest top mount intercoolers he could find. Needless to say no time was wasted with turning the boost up to 24 psi for the next couple years.

     In doing so, the facory 5 speed had had enough, wasting no time with that, the 6 speed STI drivetrain swap was found and swapped in almost over-night, in his driveway nonetheless. Now at roughly 130,000 miles the vehicle is now equipped with a Steamspeed stx76 turbo and on 100 octane fuel braking 500hp on complete factory internals!