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We started out with myself (J.T.) deciding that our town of Sarasota and Bradenton needed a an AWD Dyno and Performance shop, so I went out and bought a dyno. After doing that giant purchase I got with Alex and asked him to join in my crazy adventure. Since then we have been growing, and hope to keep growing as long as we can. Alex brings alot to the table here at TDC, he is an ASE certified master tech, a Ford diesel master tech and comes from and long line of amazing mechanics. He grew up in the world of cars with his family owning Swift automotive which is still there to this day. He also has learned to tune all kinds of cars over the years and even builds the megasquirt ECU's instead of buying them pre built. I (J.T.) on the other hand did not come in from the automotive world, in fact quite the opposite the marine world. I have been wiring and building boat for the last 8 years. I have been tuning my own subarus for the last 16 years. I have built some cool cars since i was a kid and taught myself alot. I took the classes and got my certificate from EFI University for tuning, I also have taken numerous other EFI or “Tuning” courses and both Alex and I will continue to learn and get trained where we can. We are growing a business to help others build and reach goals on there cars, both being enthusiast most of our lives we strive to better the car world and help our customers achieve there goals. We pride ourselves on being honest and having attention to detail.

Our goal is to be a vehicle service leader. We’ll do whatever it takes to earn your trust. We believe in providing the highest level of service in all areas of our expertise. We will literally go the extra mile to provide you with that level of service.