• 3 Dyno pulls for $125 with a printout

  • Or pay for tuning by the hour at $120 

  • Rent the dyno per hour or by day!

  • Contact us for pricing on specific tuning for your vehicle.

Dynocom 5000 Features:

Here at Top Dead Center Motorsports we feature an  AWD Dynocom 5000 Dyno suitable for most cars and some trucks, capable of speeds up to 175 mph and 1700 hp. It is equipped with a Frenelsa eddy brake allowing us to perform acceleration, step, sweep and steady-state tests.This also gives us the ability to view real-time torque / horsepower output, at steady and variable speeds, in order to instantly evaluate changes we've made to the engine’s fuel or timing maps.

Engine Managements We Currently Tune:
  • AEM 

  • Haltech

  • Megasquirt

  • Cobb

  • HP Tuners

  • Open Source

  • Hondata

  • SCT

  • And expanding!

Pre Dyno / Tune checklist:

Don't be "that" guy. Come prepared....

  • Remember to bring your handheld, Accessport, or flash-tool of your choice.

  • Be sure there are absolutely NO FLUIDS LEAKING

  • Any intermittent or persistent electrical bugs are sorted out. Having to charge extra for diagnosis or prolonged dyno-time is not necessarily something we want to do.

  • Bring a second set of spark plugs! 

  • Have good tires on the vehicle! We absolutely will not dyno your car if you're tires are not in good condition.

  • Double check all hose and fuel clamps before-hand!